Percussion Trio (2017)

Hunt is a percussion trio about our alienated relationship with the process of dying. It is a highly performative piece that incorporates ceremonial rituals to demonstrate the act of overcoming by becoming—a transubstantial avoidance of death. The audience is unified by being given matching red plastic garments on arrival into the space, blurring the line between observer and agent within the world of the piece.

Hunt was premiered in May 2017 at 1 Rivington Street, New York, NY. It was later released on a tape with the same title and can be downloaded below. Hunt was played by Brandon Wong, Declan Zhang, and Adam Holmes. It was mixed by Julian Vanasse and mastered by Mike Tierney. Album artwork was designed by Selwa Abd.


Escaping The Geist of History

Violin / Frame Drum (2018)

Escaping The Geist of History is the B-side of the hunt tape. It's a duo with Adam Holmes that consists of violin, frame drum, and electronics. The signal processing algorithms in the piece's electronics are programmed in such a way that represents an attempt at escaping the ouroboric repetitions of history.

The piece fails to escape these cyclical aesthetics, culminating in an inevitable auditory feedback loop.

How To Listen

Mac OSX / Linux

Download here, or open up the command line or terminal application and enter the following

curl | tar -xz

After the download is finished, the piece should be available in your home directory.